Our services

Cleaning the marble

We can work on all marble cleaning processes:
Crystallization of marble (brilliance of marble),
Mineralization of marble (Against the soiling of marble),
Sanding marble,
Hydrofuge marble (Protection against water),
Polishing and polishing marble (Rehabilitation – Appearance).

Carpet cleaning

We intervene on all the processes of cleaning of carpet, carpets and sofas:
Injection extraction shampooing machine (extraction injection cleaning),
Stain remover natural products (the biological spraying),
Mono-brush (no risk of discoloration or shrinkage).

Other services

We also offer cleaning services for bedding, cushions, sofas, armchairs and mattresses. These services are suited for mansions, retirement homes, waiting rooms, building halls as well than the private individual. DP CLEANING RHÔNE-ALPES-AUVERGNE intervenes directly at your home in emergency as well.


We remain available and operational to meet all your cleaning requests. DP CLEANING is entirely composed of professional technicians permanently trained in new cleaning technology for professionals or individuals.

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